South Mazurian Lakes District
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Teresa and Marek Adamscy, Kolonia 59 (Racibór), 12-140 Świętajno
tel. (+48-89) 622 60 41, mobile 0-502 354 082

Booking and stay details

  1. We wait for you at any time of your arrival day, however we will invite you to your room around 1 p.m.
  2. We would be grateful if you could inform us about your arrival time.
  3. Settlement of the stay is done during the first day. The host does not return the paid in amounts due for the booked stay.
  4. Cancellation policy for the individual guests (excluding the organised groups):
    1. up to 6 weeks before booked date, 100% of the advance payments are returned with a deduction of 30 PLN regarding the administrative costs.
    2. up to 4 weeks before booked date, 50% of the advance payments are returned with a deduction of 30 PLN regarding the administrative costs.
    3. up to 2 weeks before booked date, advance payments are not returned.
  5. On the arrival day, you have to check-in immediately, showing the appropriate documents.
  6. After arrival, you will be informed about mealtimes and the habits of the farm, for example:
    1. Smoking is prohibited in the rooms and in the dining-room (smoking is allowed on the terrace and in the hunting room)
    2. When you leave the farm's premises, please return your room key to the host
    3. The key to the bookcase is kept by the host
    4. The dogs have to be kept on the leash when they are walked out outside the farm's premises
    5. Electric facilities, for example TV set, have to be switched off before leaving the room and before the storm
    6. If you need a tumble-drier and an iron, please ask the host
    7. Please do not take away towels and blankets from the rooms to the beach
    8. There is a possibility to warm up the meals for the children
    9. Coffee and tea is available for free in the coffee-tea corner; therefore please do not use electric cordless kettles in the rooms
    10. Please unplug your mobile phone chargers at your departure
    11. The night silence is from 22 o'clock p.m. to 6 o'clock a.m.
  7. Use of the floating equipment is free and it requires the great caution from the parents and guardians, especially regarding the children. Swimming place is unguarded.
  8. The host does not bear any responsibility for the accidents during horse riding and contacts with the farm animals.
  9. Due to security reasons, the oven in the Russian steam baths (sauna) is operated by the host.
  10. The farm is fenced and the main gate is locked during the night. The hosts should be notified earlier about your return after 22 p.m.
  11. Parking at the farm's premises is fenced but unguarded.
  12. The rooms and bathrooms are cleaned every second day during your stay. The towels and bedclothes are changed once a week.
  13. A guest bears full responsibility for any damages or destructions of the objects, equipment and technical devices located at the farm, also done by the visitors.
  14. The hosts of the guesthouse do not bear any responsibility for the valuable objects left in the rooms.
  15. The personal objects left in the rooms and found by the host are kept in the deposit for one month from your departure.
  16. On the day of the departure, please leave the room and return the key after breakfast, until 11 a.m. If you need to stay longer on that day, after previous arrangements with the host, you can stay at the farm's premises and buy additional meals.

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