South Mazurian Lakes District
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Teresa and Marek Adamscy, Kolonia 59 (Racibór), 12-140 Świętajno
tel. (+48-89) 622 60 41, mobile 0-502 354 082



  • Kaziuki - holiday fair and borderland music concert (Mrągowo)


  • Competition for the biggest Easter Palm (Łyse)


  • Borderland Days – concerts, exhibitions and borderland culture fair (Szczytno)
  • Jurand's Sword Choirs Tournament – Polish Choirs Tournament (Spychowo)
  • Świętojanki – ritual spectacle (Jedwabno, Myszyniec)
  • Kurpie wedding party (Kadzidło)


  • Days and Nights of Szczytno - 3-day city festival with the participation of the national and international music stars, concerts dedicated to e.g. memory of Krzysztof Klęczona (Szczytno)
  • Jurand's return to Spychowo – cultural-entertainement event (Spychowo)
  • Days of Mikołajki (the opening of the summer season) – concerts, release of the Sielawa's king to the water (Mikołajki)
  • Culture Days of Mrągowo– exhibitions, reviews of the local artists' works (Mrągowo)
  • Piknik Country – country music concert (Mrągowo)
  • Days of Ruciane-Nida – spectacles, concerts, competitions (Ruciane-Nida)
  • Shanties Festival – concerts (port Mikołajki)


  • Forester's lodge in Pranie – classical music concerts combined with declamations of Gałczyński's poetry
  • Organ concerts – concerts (Święta Lipka)


  • Mazurian Fair – presentation of the traditional folk craftsmanship of Mazury and Kurpie(Szczytno)
  • Hunter Fest – 3-day rock music outdoor party (Szczytno)
  • Large-dimension Forms in the wood - sculptural plein-air (Spychowo)
  • Painting Plein-Air - Vernissage (Spychowo)
  • Świętajno municipality Mayor's Cup - Villages Tournament – cultural and entertainement event (Świętajno)
  • Mazurian Competition of Hunting Signallers (Spychowo)
  • District Harvest Festival (Świętajno)
  • Kurpie Honey Harvest – concerts, spectacles, fair (Myszyniec)


  • Days of Kurpie Culture – 2-day event promoting Kurpie culture (Szczytno)


  • Festivity of Potato and Cabbage – ritual event, preservation of the folk culture (Jedwabno)


  • Hubertowiny – „fox chase” Majdan

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