South Mazurian Lakes District
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Teresa and Marek Adamscy, Kolonia 59 (Racibór), 12-140 Świętajno
tel. (+48-89) 622 60 41, mobile 0-502 354 082

Prices and booking

Phone booking: (+48) 502-354-082
Booking by e-mail:

Advance payment of 30% of the total amount stay - payable within 7 days from the booking date.

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Booking and stay details

Bed and Breakfast
Children up to 2 yearsChildren up to 9 yearsAdult
Free of charge, everything is secured by parents120 PLN150 PLN
Children up to 9 yearsAdult
Breakfast30 PLN40 PLN
Lunch/Dinner40 PLN60 PLN
Supper30 PLN40 PLN
Full-board (3 meals)70 PLN100 PLN
Overnight with full board
Children up to 9 yearsAdult
160 PLN210 PLN
Christmas package
Children up to 9 yearsAdult
210 PLN280 PLN

Additional payment to single room - 70 PLN

Animals - 30 PLN

Four-bed suite (without food) - 500 PLN (for 24h stay)

Six-bed suite (without food) - 630 PLN (for 24h stay)

Additional person (without food) - 110 PLN (for 24h stay)

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