South Mazurian Lakes District
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Teresa and Marek Adamscy, Kolonia 59 (Racibór), 12-140 Świętajno
tel. (+48-89) 622 60 41, mobile 0-502 354 082

Proposals... for four seasons: Autumn

Colourful, warm, ripe, fully-grown. Marvellous colours and harvest time.
We can:
  • pick the crops from the garden sown in the spring
  • pick up mushrooms
  • listen to and look at the rut and mating time of fallow deer
  • set off for a touring trip
  • take part in a Roasted Potato Festivity
  • grill
  • roast sausages at the bonfire
  • play billiard
  • take photos of the autumns colours, of flyinf off birds
  • learn how to do homemade fruit preserves
  • fish
  • use the Sauna - Russian steam baths
  • do sport on the bosom of nature
  • do a Nordic Walking
  • play football game, billiard

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